What we do

Each year we will do the following for you for the fee:


Technical Help

If we simply do your accounts, there may be occasions when you want some advice on management or building problems.

Property Management is a heavily regulated industry. Strict time limits on service charge collections, prescribed wording on the demands and expense limitations are just some of the legal restrictions some Right to Manage, Residents Management Company and Freehold Company Directors may not be aware of. Legislation of both regulatory and mandator reporting is constantly being up dated.

If you are in any doubt, please email us at info@bm-online.co.uk with your question, and we will try and give you a fast response, responding within 24 hours. If we cannot help you, we will suggest where you might get the help you need. If you need the help of a surveyor, we can refer you to them, but there will be a charge to pay if you instruct them.